Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Yesterday I went to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier. It was a big show with lots of cool new toys that you could play with. My brother and I tested out awesome new toys like Slingers, which are a yo-yo type toy with a magnet on the bottom that catches medallions, and Game Changers, which was a game that you could play with your iPad by attaching two game boards. Of all the toys that we saw, these two that I am about to tell you about were my favorites.

Toy #1: BrickStix. BrickStix are static designs that you can stick on Legos. They were invented by a kid named Greyson. He is only 12 years old! I made a house with these BrickStix by making a tower with a window and putting a curtain sticker on the window. Brickstix are resusable so you can use them many times and it is not permanent. I like Brickstix because I really like Legos and because they add cool designs to plain Legos. I also think that it's really cool that a kid invented these and I know that he won Young Inventor of the Year.

Toy #2: CitiBlocs. Citiblocs are like wooden platforms that you can make buildings with by stacking the blocks. They are sort of like Lincoln Logs but flatter. I made two huge buildings out of Citiblocs. One of them is below. I think they are very cool because you can design your own building. They are very good toys for kids who like to build stuff. They're good for everyone actually. My dad really likes these blocks and he is 38! I like them because they don't have much technology and because they are social. You can play with them with your brother even if he is younger than you.

Maybe you should go to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair next year because it gives you lots of ideas for holiday gifts and the toys are very fun to play with. I hope to see you there!


  1. Very informative! Thank you for your perspective!

  2. I love this! Great job on the review.

  3. Zoe, it was so nice to meet you IRL. My favorite toy at CHITAG was the Perplexus ball. It's a maze that's contained in a clear plastic ball. I thought it was fun even for grownups to play.

  4. looks like you had so much fun. I too had a great time playing with the toys

  5. A great review. I had lots of fun there too