Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashion Playtes is a great website to design clothes. You can make a shirt (like I did two seconds ago) or dress. You pick your garment and then pick a color and add rhinestones and more to create a cool piece of clothing. You make it yourself and you don't just have to choose from a catalog. Your Fashion Playtes design is the original.

My Fashion Playtes shirt that I just ordered expresses me. I love to swim and my blue shirt has a cool symbol with waves and the word"swim" made out of rhinestones. That's what's cool about Fashion Playtes: you can take a plain shirt and change it into an awesome creation that you designed!

Before this, I made my first Fashion Playtes shirt which is purple and has a peace sign that is yellow and red. My mom, who is a blogger also, went to a big blogging conference called BlogHer and got me a Fashion Playtes purse and gift card. She thought that I would like it because I love fashion.

You log onto the site ( to design your cool creation. My shirt cost $27. The shirt was $20 at the beginning and I added two designs and then it ended up around $27. My mom found a deal for Fashion Playtes on Plum District and maybe you can too.

I have a friend who wanted clothes for her birthday, but I didn't know what she liked, so I gave her a Fashion Playtes gift card so she could design her own. I bet she's going to like it.

This is my personal information about Fashion Playtes. I really like the website and this is what I think. They did not pay me to write this post. I just chose to write it.

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