Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cool Costumes

I had my school Halloween party on Friday and some cool costumes swept the 'tweens. My friend Megan wore a Cruella de Ville costume with a fake dogskin coat and a black dress. My friend Sammi wore a Medusa costume. Medusa is a character from Greek myths -- Perseus slayed Medusa actually. Sammi wore a golden dress and cape and a headband with fake snakes because Medusa has snakes that sprout out of her head instead of hair.  My classmate Cole was the black bomb bird from "Angry Birds." The costume was made of a black pillowcase and his mom had sewed on big yellow eyes with angry black eyebrows. My friend Jack was the number one Cubs fan. He wore a black shirt under a Soriano jersey and jeans, Cubs face paint and a Cubs hat. I like these costumes because they are original.

On Saturday, my mom and I went to a CSO concert. It was called the Hallowed Haunts concert. You wore a costume to the concert. There was this one girl who wore a jellyfish costume. She wore a big turquoise circular hat and streamers hanging down. My mom and I thought it was cool. The whole orchestra was dressed as zombies! They wore black clothes and strung fake cobwebs around themselves. They had white make-up to make them look like they had just risen from the dead. The organ was playing the Toccata by Bach while the zombies were trampling on the stage. It was very zombie-like! 

My brother Jamie is being a vulture for Halloween and I have to admit the costume is pretty darn cool. My mom made it. She got a black turtleneck and sweatpants from Target. She got black fabric, a white boa, and black feathers from Michael's. The fabric was for wings. She hot-glued the feathers onto the wings and the boa was for the neckline.

As you know, I'm being Amelia Earheart for Halloween. I wrote a whole 'nother post about that! I love Halloween.

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